Empanadas are another important dish in Argentina. You will find them in the entire country and obviously in Buenos Aires. Empanadas is one of the outstanding meals together with asado, pizza and milanesa.

In view of the fact that empanada means stuffed bread we can find the origins of empanada in the filled breads.  A long time ago people use to hollow out the bread to fill it with stew. Afterwards they started to fill the bread before baking it. This is how lot of dishes were born in different parts of the world, such as the calzone in Italy, the empanadas gallegas in Spain, Cornish Pasties in England and probably the borek in Turkey and the sfihas in de Arabian community.Best Empanadas Buenos Aires

When the Americas were conquered by the Spanish, they imposed their culture and this is why empanadas were spread in some countries of the continent. Depending on the country, you will find different condiments and stuffed. For example, in Argentina you will find that the beef empanadas from Salta are filled with potato, but in Buenos Aires is not that usual.

So we can say that the Empanada is kind of a small calzone. In Argentina you will also find Tartas, rounded calzone filled with many stuffed. Lately they became really popular in the Argentinian cuisine.

Empanadas can be a good entrée at any restaurant, a quick lunch or a complete meal. You can eat empanadas in almost every restaurant of Buenos Aires, but there are sold in pizzerias mostly. In every pizzeria you will find different flavors and as happens with ice-cream, you will find “specialty of the house”, a brand’s creation that you will not find anywhere else.

A nice place to taste delicious empanadas and enjoy regional music would be a peña. Regional restaurants and clubs were you can have dinner in Buenos Aires. Here you will find a list of the best peñas of the city.

lazy-tips As Ice-Cream, Empanadas can also be delivered.




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