Buenos Aires is so big and amazing that it will take you at least 4 o 5 days to see what is a must to know it. If you have a few days more to spare or you want to get out of the big city you can consider one of this day trips:

Colonia del Sacramento (Colonia) in Uruguay

day trip buenos aires

In just one hour by ferry you can reach Colonia del Sacramento, a gorgeous and very well preserved colonial town with portugues and spanish influences of the 18th century.  Cobblestone streets and peacefull walks along the river make this place a very relaxing day out of the big city of Buenos Aires. Check our articles on how to get to Colonia and what to do in Colonia!

Tigre and Delta

day trip buenos airesTigre is a municipality 1 hour away from the city center, located at the outsides, in the province of Buenos Aires. There you will find the vibrant Market of Puerto de Frutos full of artisan craftings and arts.

The best to do is taking a boat ride along the Delta, a maze of rivers and little islands with picturesque houses. The Museum of Art of Tigre is also a great example of the glorious architecture of the beginning of the 1900s. Check our article on how to get to Tigre from Buenos Aires.

San Antonio de Areco

day trip buenos aires

San Antonio de Areco is a small town in the countryside of the Province of Buenos Aires. The local culture is related to the agricultural and the cattle raising so traditional in the country. Many local gauchos (something like argentine cowboys) attend the classic boliches (old traditional canteens) in the town to get back to work in the country side.

The best attraction are these local bars called boliches, unique relic of the old days.

Museum Las Lilas is something not to miss! Inside you will find the best collection of paintings of Molina Campos, who represents in a cartoonish style the culture of the gauchos.

It takes around 2 hours by bus from the Retiro bus station to reach San Antonio de Areco.

Contact this travel agency to get tickets.

Check the location of the Bus Station


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