Argentina and Uruguay are separated by the Uruguay River that flows into the Río de la Plata. At the height of Buenos Aires and Colonia, the Uruguay River joins the Paraná River and they make up the Delta of the Río de la Plata, recognized as the widest river in the world with about 219km

Often times, many tourists who visit Buenos Aires also want to visit Colonia and / or Montevideo, due to its proximity to our country.

Next, we are going to detail how to get to Uruguay from Buenos Aires.

How to get to Uruguay from Argentina

Of course, the fastest way to get to Uruguay from Buenos Aires is by crossing the River directly. For this, it is necessary to take a boat. There are several companies that perform the service and, some of them, offer one-day packages to enjoy the neighboring country.

Boat companies to go to Uruguay

how to get to Uruguay from buenos aires

Buquebus is the best known company and part of Puerto Madero, near Plaza San Martín.

It offers packages for a day to Colonia and Montevideo, including passage, excursions and lunch.

If you want to pay in cash you will need to go to the port of Buquebus or its offices located in different parts of Buenos Aires.

There are two options: Boats direct to Colonia and Montevideo; or boat to Colonia and bus to Montevideo. If it is to spend the day, the latter is not convenient because it takes about 3 hours.

The alternative is Colonia Express, a company that starts its service from La Boca. It is the cheapest company among the three, but it also does not have a direct boat to Montevideo, since you have to go by bus from Colonia. It offers complete packages and, also, it can be paid from the web or at its offices in the city.

If you need to get tickets to Uruguay, contact this travel agency.

Travel Time

The trip from Buenos Aires to Colonia takes 1 hour, with all companies.

Buquebus, in its Buenos Aires-Montevideo service, takes 2:15 hs. In the case of taking the boat to Colonia and the bus to Montevideo, it takes about 4 hours between the trip and the passage through Aduana.

Companies have services every day with many frequencies, but given the situation of COVID-19, we recommend checking the websites of each one to have updated information on the different services, options and schedules.

how to get to uruguay from buenos aires


When making the crossing to another country, you must take into account the necessary documentation to enter Uruguay. Depending on the nationality you have, you must present corresponding documents and, in some cases, pay a visa. On the following website you can see the countries that are exempt from visa to enter Uruguay.

Information to Consider

It’s necessary to check in to board the transportation (regardless of the chosen company); for this, you must show up 2 hours before at the indicated terminal.

It’s possible to check luggage, and carry-on baggage is free. Animals can be transported. Check with the companies for conditions.


If you go to Montevideo you cannot miss these free tours! Here we leave you the direct link!


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      Hi Felicity! Thanks for writing! We do not organize day trips of Colonia, but you can check these companies: buquebus, seacat and colonia express. If not you can check this post to have a self guided Colonia tour. http://www.buenosairesfreewalks.com/buenosairestips/what-to-do-in-colonia-uruguay/

      Colonia is really small so you can enjoy it by yourself and if you want to know the history of the town, they run tours so you can take it once you are there.

      Have a nice trip!

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