Colonia (shortname for Colonia del Sacramento) is one of the day trips you can do from Buenos Aires. This little colonial town is very peaceful and relaxing in contrast to the big imposing personality of Buenos Aires.

If you cross the River to get there, read this article to know what’s best to do in Colonia. If you need to know how to get to Colonia check this article!

It is important to bear in mind that Colonia is a small town, so one day is enough to discover it.

what to do in coloniaGet to the top of the lighthouse

Located over the ruins of an XVIIth century convent, this beautiful lighthouse is today the most famous landmark in Colonia. You can get to the top by paying a fee and have a panoramic view of the Río de la Plata (the widest river of the world) and of the town of Colonia. On a clear day you’ll see far on the horizon the Skyline of Puerto Madero, in Buenos Aires.

Visit the Calle de los Suspiroswhat to do in colonia

Colonia has many preserved colonial streets with stone houses decorated with flowers, but everyone knows that the most famous of them is la Calle de los Suspiros (street of sighs). It is said that this is the street where prisoners had their last breath heading down the hill before their execution. It is also known that prostitution houses could be found here till the 1970s and soldiers in the garrison out of the walls probably sighed for the women here. Today the Calle de los Suspiros is a place with private residences and artists Ateliers.

Eat a Chivito Uruguayo

chivito uruguayo

Let’s face it: Colonia is very small and won’t take you long to know it well. One of the big reasons why people come here is because visiting such a beautiful old town across the river from the massive Buenos Aires is a very good way to change the mood of your trip. That’s why chilling out is a very nice thing to do before getting back to BA. Take the chance to sit down at a local restaurant and eat a chivito uruguayo: a classic Uruguayan meat sandwich!

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