Cafes in Buenos Aires, typical places where locals spend a lot of their day.

With just one day in Buenos Aires you are going to notice a big amount of cafes within the city. Is undeniable to say that the locals love to stop at any time of the day for coffee, whether to read the newspaper, start the morning or have a chat with some friend, relative or acquaintance.

The city is full of options to enjoy coffee, almost in every block is possible to find a coffee shop. These spaces have been very important in the national culture, not only for social contact, but also because they have been meeting points of featured artists.

Important figures in music, literature and visual arts used to get together tocafes in buenos aires talk in different cafes of the city. Today we can still find some of these spaces and it is interesting to visit them because they have photographs of these figures, antique furniture and statues of artists who paraded by.

The oldest cafe in town is La Biela. Opened in 1848, it has witnessed the transformation of Recoleta. Personalities as Julio Cortazar, Ernesto Sabato, Adolfo Bioy Casares and Jorge Luis Borges used to meet in this place.

Another former coffee is Café Tortoni. It opened in 1858 in Avenida de Mayo, and was also attended by prominent figures in the art world as Quinquela Martin. Today it is a must to visit the city.

As these two important places you are going to be able to find hundreds more in the city. Possibly many argentine art works were born at different tables of different cafes of Buenos Aires.

Here we leave you a note with the best coffees that you can find in Buenos Aires!

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