If you walk Buenos Aires you will notice there is a Café at every corner! Porteños (locals) love spending their time in these places. But wait! It’s not just a matter of “coffe”, people will go to these places for the atmosphere, the history, culture or just chating for hours. Cafés in BA are Temples of Coffe where tradition becomes a religion.

On this article we will list the best Cafés in Buenos Aires.

Remarkable Bars & Cafés of Buenos Aires: These are 73 remarkable bars, canteens and cafes awarded by the city government as the best ones because of their history, architecture and contribution to the culture of the city. All of the places listed here are part of this “Hall of Fame” of the Cafes.

Here they go by neighborhood:

CITbest cafes buenos airesY CENTER (MICROCENTRO)

You MUST visit Café Tortoni, the most famous Café in town. Not only it is gorgeous, it is very representative of the arts and politics of BA. The most important men in the history of Tango attended the place, and every famous local and international figures had a coffe here. Federico García Lorca, Carlos Gardel, Albert Einstein and more sat down in this place.

Other options: besides Café Tortoni in the city center you will find 36 Billares Café, Café London City and Petit Colón.

Here we leave you a note with all the information about Café Tortoni!



best cafes buenos aires


If you are looking for tradition in Palermo you can go to El Preferido de Palermo very close to Plaza Cortázar (a.k.a. as Plaza Serrano), heart of the city nightlife. Different to the surrounding area of this old part of Palermo that has become modern, fashion and trendy, this bar holds strongly to the old tradition of the neighborhood being radically different to anything around it. The place serves as a restaurant too and you can get here the best argentine dishes.



RECOLETAbest cafes buenos aires

Cafe La Biela is an unquestionable part of the history of Recoleta. The Franciscan church of el Pliar, the Recoleta Cemetery and this Café make the Holy Trinity of the historic Recoleta, being the oldest things that stand in the neighborhood. For years La Biela was a place for racing car champions to meet, that’s why La Biela stands for “connection-rod” a little piece in the engine of a car. Nice to go for a coffe after a visit to the Recoleta Cemetery.


SAN TELMObest cafes buenos aires

San Telmo is the Meca of the traditional Cafés. Picturesque and quaint they can be found all over the place.

The best are: Bar El Federal, Bar La Poesía, Café Dorrego, Café Rivas. All of them are AWESOME. A good option is a picada (special selection of argentine salami, cheese, ham and more) in El Federal.

All of the ones listed here are FANTASTIC and you won’t regret choosing any of them.


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