Immigration Museum Buenos Aires, a site with many stories and history to tell.

Argentina is a country to which immigrants from all over the world have arrived since ancient times, to settle and find better conditions than those of their countries of origin.

The stories that each immigrant brought with them from Africa, Asia, Europe and even South America, during the 19th century and today, can be found in the renowned Hotel of Inmigrants, where you will find the Museum of Immigration and the Center for Contemporary Art.

Immigration Museum Buenos AiresThe Hotel was built in the port of the city of Buenos Aires, a fixed arrival point for immigrants. The objective was to guide, receive, locate and accommodate all those who arrived in our country. It functioned in this way from 1911 to 1953, and it consisted of several pavilions for landing, administration, medical care, accommodation, transfer and services.

Inside the Hotel, the Immigration Museum was created in 1974, and then, in 2012, they inaugurate the Contemporary Art Center in the same building.

In 1990, this space was declared a National Historic Monument and in 1997 the “Immigrant Museum Complex” was created, a program under the authority of the National Directorate of Migration. Then, together with the operation of the National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) in 2013, the Museum reopened with a renewed proposal that, currently, you can visit on the third floor of the place.

Immigration Museum Buenos AiresThe Immigration Museum functions as a space to highlight how important immigration is on a cultural, historical, social and economic level. On this site you will find a presentation about the migratory experiences in their different processes, that is, from the journey itself, the arrival, the history, the legacy with which they traveled and their subsequent insertion. With exhibitions of photographs, testimonies, relics, historical documentation and films, in addition to having the total of books where absolutely all the immigrants who arrived in the country were registered.

In turn, the Center for Contemporary Art encourages the participation of various social and cultural actors, with exhibitions by international artists from around the world.

They have free entry, Friday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Given the situation of the COVID-19 that we live, the entrance quotas are limited and they are handled with previous reservation through the email: visitamuntref@untref.edu.ar or through its app Museum View MUNTREF. For visits, all current protocols must be complied with.

Here we leave you the website for more information and a link to a 360 tour of the place!

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