France Square Buenos Aires,a popular place in the city, full of attractions for all tastes!

The city of Buenos Aires has many green spaces for you to enjoy for free, and here we bring you another option in the Recoleta neighborhood.

In this link, you can find many more options to enjoy the fresh air and cut off the bustle of the city.

France Square Buenos AiresThe name of this space is due to the monument that you will find in the center of the Plaza. You wonder why France? This monument is the work of Edmond Peynot, a French sculptor who was gifted by the French community to our country to celebrate the Centennial of the May Revolution in 1910. You will see that it has three allegorical figures in the middle, all of them marble. It is about the representation of Industry, Science, Arts and Agriculture. Also, it has bronze bas-reliefs that represent some main facts about the history of each country. For example, the First Government Board and The Stept to the Andes on the Argentine side, and the Taking of Bastille together with the Declaration of Independence on the French side. If you are interested in knowing about the history and ephemeris of Argentina, here is the link.

The central Monument is crowned with two women symbolizing the two nations, whose guide is an angel personifying Glory. It has several plaques that you will see revolving around the monument, in commemoration of French personalities important to the history of Argentina as well.

France Square Buenos AiresThe entire square was designed by Charles Thays, a landscaper also of French nationality, and is part of the set of squares designed by this renowned character, such as the San Martín de Tours, the Plaza Intendente Alvear, which are located around, among many others. . Popularly, France Square is known as the totality of the three spaces mentioned above: France Square, San Martín de Tours and Intendente Alvear Square, but, in reality, each one has its own name. Since they have a similar style, they are easily confused and the public that frequents them calls the whole space in general “France Square”.

But not everything revolves around the Monument and the landscaping, its location is a key point, given that it is located in the heart of the Recoleta neighborhood, offering endless activities to do.

Starting from the basis that it is a Plaza, you can throw a blanket and enjoy its vegetation and fresh air. Also, on weekends you will find the Plaza Francia Artisan Fair, who often have concerts and activities that you can view on their Facebook, here is the link.

France Square Buenos AiresIn addition, you will see that, going towards Av. Pueyrredón, one of its vertices adjoins the Recoleta Cemetery (For more information you can see our Tour here), very close you will find the Recoleta Cultural Center and the Buenos Aires Design, a full space design and home accessories.

If you go to Av. Libertador, you will run into the National Museum of Fine Arts, which has many free activities. Here we leave you their website for more information.

Without a doubt, it is a place with a lot to offer and explore, so we recommend spending a day or a good time on it. The streets of this area are a beautiful walk to do in the afternoon, in addition to having many bars and restaurants to sit down to enjoy the area and good food.

If you want to know everything you can do in Recoleta, check this note!

Map of Location

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