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Cities are diverse, and that is a wonderful advantage. In Buenos Aires you will find offers of every kind. The idea of this article is to enjoy the best you can Buenos Aires on a Budget, because it is possible!

Free Tours in Buenos Aires

A few years ago the Free Walking Tour Movement landed to Argentina. On your arrival this is the best option to get an excellent introduction of the city: In Buenos Aires you will find two walking tours:

Free Activities in Buenos Aires

buenos aires on a budgetNo matter what activities you like, but you will find free things to do in Buenos Aires of every kind.

The most visited place in Argentina is free and it is located in Buenos Aires. We are talking about the Recoleta Cemetery, a big outdoor museum with free admission. Here you will find impressive graves of the aristocracy, including the humble Evita Peron’s vault. Also you can take our super cheap tour inside the cemetery.

If you are a nature lover, in Buenos Aires you have plenty of spots to delight the soft grass, admire the river, birding and take a walk surrounded by native trees. The perfect place to combine all this activities is the Ecological Reserve, located a few blocks from the center of the city. The entrance is free and is open everday but Mondays. The Palermo Parks and Paseo Vicente Lopez are other options to discover the green area of the city.

In Buenos Aires you will also find free museums! One of the most important is the National Museum of Fine Arts, holding one of the biggest collections of art in South America. It is located in Recoleta, close to the Cemetery.  You also have the chance to visit the Pink House, the Government house. It can be visited only on the weekend and you need to book up to 15 days before your visit.

Another common and free activity that people do in cities is to walk, but sometimes tourists don’t know where to go. This is why we design walks that you can do on your own. Check these places to discover walking!

Restaurants on a budget

If you stick to the tourist restaurants, they are not going to be too affordable, but good news! In every barrio of Buenos Aires you will find cheap meals.

Pizza is one of the best options. There are a lot of Pizza Chains that offer cheap pizza, sometimes makes no sense, but that is positive. Check for La Fábrica de Pizzas or Uggi’s. If you need more class, you can check Pizza al Paso. The best pizzerias of Buenos Aires offer great deals involving slices of pizza and a drink. If you get tired of pizza, you can ask for empanadas!

The best option to taste different dishes is to go to what we call Barrio Restaurants. We will give you one option per barrio. These places are famous for having dishes to share and affordable prices.

Palermo: El Bochin

Recoleta: El Rincón

San Telmo: El Bodegón de Marga

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