Buenos Aires has two airports in different locations: The Jorge Newbery-Aeroparque Airport, used for domestic and regional flights (to some bordering countries) and the Ezeiza-Ministro Pistarini Airport for international flights, 30km from the city and its accessibility is a little more complex.

Also, a third airport was inaugurated in El Palomar (18 km from the city), which bears the same name, but it is currently out of commercial use.

In this article we will give details of how to get from the airports to the city of Buenos Aires.

Getting to Buenos Aires from Ezeiza

Most international flights arrive at this airport. There are several options for getting around:

colectivo-8Public Bus is the cheapest option, but the most uncomfortable and unsafe. The trip lasts 1 hour and makes multiple stops.

The bus line is number 8 and it should say Semirápido por Autopista. It passes through the area of ​​Congreso and Plaza de Mayo. As it is a public transport it is necessary to have the SUBE card (transport card), which can be purchased at the airport.

We do not recommend this medium as it is uncomfortable and unsafe. Here we explain how to use transport in Buenos Aires. From Ezeiza the bus leaves every 30 minutes from 6am.

From the Center to Ezeiza -> Every 30 minutes a bus leaves from Plaza de Mayo and Congreso and takes 1 hour. The bus stop is at the corner of Avenida de Mayo and Chacabuco. There, you will find a white sign that says “Aeropuerto x Autopista” (Airport x highway).

tienda-leonTienda León is a private transportation company that has been doing airport transfers for years. It has a central station in Retiro (downtown Buenos Aires).

The service is a bus that can be combined with a car if you want to hire a door service. You can pay at the station with cash or card.

It works 24 hours a day and they have buses every 30 minutes.

Remember to check the availability, frequency and protocols on the page before buying the ticket.

To get the tickets, contact this travel agency.

Taxi-Remise is the most comfortable option: take a private car. It is expensive for one person, but in the case of three, with little luggage, it can be cheaper and faster.

Since 2019 they have installed machines in the Buenos Aires Airports where the destination must be detailed and a ticket will be printed with the value that the Taxi Driver must charge.

The rate varies depending on the situation in the country, so we cannot provide an approximate cost.

Getting to Buenos Aires from Jorge Newbery

As the domestic airport is located within the city it is cheaper and easier to access to the city’s neighborhoods.


Public Bus as always, the cheapest option!

From this airport is not so insecure and there are more options. There are three lines that make the trip: number 37 goes through Palermo, Recoleta, Retiro and Center; 160 crosses the entire city through Palermo and Almagro; and 45 goes to Retiro, Centro and San Telmo. You will need also SUBE card to take buses in the city.

Tienda León it also offers services to the central station in Retiro. From there you can take a car to your destination. It operates 24 hours and has a high frequency.


Taxi-Remise as the airport is located in the city, the price difference between a taxi or a taxi with private buses is not that great. It is a good option to consider.

Also, you will find the machines to choose the destination and take the ticket with the fixed price.


Finally, we share this website with you where you can control the status of your flights at all airports in Argentina in order to coordinate transportation on arrival or departure to the country.

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