What to do in Buenos Aires, a full checklist of places and different activities to enjoy all about this beautiful city.

As it is the second largest city in South America after Sao Paulo, Brazil, it is possible to find many activities within the city of every kind.

Check our list of places and areas where you will find different options to enjoy this great city, in our top of  activities…

We will recommend free tours, things to do in Buenos Aires in rainy days, restaurants, bars and many more activities.

First of all, it is important to know the weather of the city to decide when to visit it. In this article you will learn how the climate of Buenos Aires is.

Another essential thing to understand when you visit Buenos Aires is to know how to use public transport!


what to do in buenos airesAfter giving you practical information about Buenos Aires, is time to begin talking about the activities within the city.

The first thing that we recommend is to take our free tours through different streets of the city of Buenos Aires.

In this walking tours you will find a complete introduction of Buenos Aires, Argentina and its culture.

These two walks are the best way to start the visit of Buenos Aires.

Cultural Activities

what to do in buenos aires

The city is known for its vast cultural activity.

It features hundreds of museums related to various topics. Most of them have free admission.

We all know that visiting museums is a major activity on rainy days.

You also have the chance to visit the most beautiful bookstore of the world, El Ateneo; or enjoy a concert in one of the best opera houses, Teatro Colon. 

What to eat in Buenos Aires

what to do in buenos aires

In Argentina, you will be able to find exotic dishes as we received immigrants from different parts of the world.

They brought their recipes and we add a little bit of passion to them.

This is why you will find that ice cream is highly popular in the country, pizza was expanded in the entire Argentina and we created the fugazettaonion and cheese.

We are really famous for our steaks too!

For this reason we decided to write about what to eat in Buenos Aires!

Argentine Music

what to do in buenos airesTango is the style known by all the tourist that arrive to the country every day.

There are plenty of activities to have a tango experience, visiting la Boca, taking Tango lessons in a Milonga or just walk the district of Tango and enjoy an orchestra.

Beside Tango, you will find other important styles in Argentina as it is for example the chacarera. 

To discover these styles and have a full argentinian experience, we recommend going to a Peña, regional restaurants with music shows. .

Activities per Barrio

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