vicente lopez


Buenos Aires was founded next to the river as a city port to export and import different goods. Commerce is still very important and the port is the connection with other civilizations. As we have seen in the last post, nowadays the river works also as a distraction and a place of disconnection for the citizens of Buenos Aires.

In different parts of the river shore you are going to notice recreational areas. We showed you Costanera Sur, Reserva Ecológica and Parque de la Memoria, and now we are going to give you another option to enjoy the river coast.

Vicente Lopez is the first district from the Buenos Aires province that we can find at the north of the city. In this neighborhood we will find the residential part and the river shore. The government built next to the river a path. On weekends this path is exclusive for the pedestrians and hundreds of people go to practice different sports, cycling, jogging, rollers, amongst others. Also this area includes a huge green space where people go to rest and enjoy the view.

It is really easy to arrive to Vicente Lopez because is close to the city and there are a couple of public buses that you can take. Make sure that you have the SUBE card. Here is the location on a map.

Buses from the city: 152, 130, 15, 29, 28.

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