Tigre is one of the most popular destinations for porteños to spend a day outdoors. Whether in summer or winter, contact with nature gives us multiple landscapes. One of the great advantages of Tigre is that it is very close to the city of Buenos Aires.

Next, we will share what to do in Tigre, a review of the best activities.

How to travel to Tigre

First of all, we must know how to get to Tigre. For this, we invite you to read this complete note that details the different ways to travel to Tigre with public transport (train, bus) and even bicycle.

Once they arrive, they can enjoy the following activities:

Tour the Paraná River Delta

what to do in tigreWithout a doubt, the main attraction in Tigre is the Delta. The Delta forms at the mouth of one or more rivers. The rivers have been dragging sediments throughout their journey and when they reach ocean level, they lose their capacity to transport them. For this reason, these sediments are deposited in the river beds. This is how islands and small rivers in the shape of labyrinths are formed.

From the port of Tigre, a few blocks from the transport stations, there are multiple river services that run through the Delta. You can choose a small or large boat. No need to make reservations. The ticket is bought at the river station.

It is also possible to take a boat to a spa and spend the day there. There are many bars and restaurants offering the different meals of the day. You can search Google Maps and find one of your liking.

Another option, if you have more time, is to spend the night in the Delta. It is a very nice experience to spend a few days in contact with nature. In airbnb you can find many cabins that are rented for the night.

what to do in TigreFor those who want to do a bit of sport, a very good option is to go on a Kayak tour. There are many companies that offer the service, either for rent or for a ride. Keep in mind that, to rent, you need experience because it is a very busy area.

Walk along Paseo Victorica

what to do in tigreA few blocks from the transport station, the Paseo Victorica begins, a beautiful route on the banks of the Luján River. They are a little more than 10 blocks to enjoy the view of the river. There you can sit in one of the restaurants to eat or drink something or just enjoy the view sitting on a public bench.

On the way, you will also see two museums: the Naval Museum and the Tigre Art Museum.

Visit the Puerto de Frutos

what to do in tigreThe Puerto de Frutos is a market that has changed over the years. It carries that name because in the beginning, exclusively Fruits and Vegetables that came from the Paraná River were sold by boat.

Today, although it is still possible to buy some fruit or vegetables, it has become a very varied market. There are handicrafts, many wooden products and even places to eat.

After visiting the Delta, you can take a few minutes, take a tour of the market and take a souvenir.

Here we leave you more information!

Coast Park (Parque de la Costa)

what to do in tigreIf the adrenaline of the boats or kayaks was not enough, you can try spending a few hours in the Parque de la Costa Amusement Park.

It is advisable not to go in high season as there are many lines for the different attractions.

If you want to take a tour or some activity in this beautiful place, we leave you the contact of our friends who can help you:

SOLEDAD: +54 9 11 5102-1023

MARINA: +54 9 11 5639-6013

Map of Atractions

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