weather buenos aires


Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and is located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, this creates an environment with high humidity that is suffered a lot in summer with high temperatures and in winter because of the cold weather.

The type of climate in the city is mild with temperatures exceeding 30 ° C in summer and rarely descend from 0 ° C in winter. January is the hottest month, February the rainiest and July the coldest.

Rain vary according to the season. During the summer (December-March) heavy rains in a short time are usual. It is possible that in one day there is a storm and a few hours later the sun rises.nieveobelisco8738342

During the autumn (March to July) and winter (July to September) rains are more common and long-lasting. It is not usual snow fall in Buenos Aires, but historically has happened twice. The first one was in 1918 and the last time in 2007.

Due to the global problems we all know the weather is mutating everywhere and Buenos Aires is not the exception. It is changing from mild to tropical, with increased rainfall and high temperatures.

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