Dog Walkers Buenos Aires, we tell you all about these people who love dogs!

In Buenos Aires many things can surprise, enormous mansions, luxury cemeteries, huge parks with lakes and dogs everywhere. Argentines love dogs and that is demonstrated in every street in the city of Buenos Aires.

We have already discussed about the amount of green spots in the city. It is not new, but in these places along with statues, fountains and ponds, you may find another important feature of Buenos Aires, dogs. According to a survey, 78% of Argentines have a pet, mostly dogs. This is replicated in the city and that is why it is difficult to walk more than a block without seeing a dog walking around.

A huge number of locals live in apartment, but they have parks nearby where they can take the animal to waste their energies. For those who work all day long, the dog walker is the solution. The dog walker usually picks up the dogs in the morning and you it can be returned at noon or in the afternoon when the owner returns from work. Dog Walkers Buenos AiresWhat is most striking is the number of dogs they carry. There are some dog walkers that usually take about 20 dogs. It is fascinating to behold and amazing how well they behave.

It is also possible to find other types of dog walkers. Some of them pick up the dogs and take them to a field nearby with a van, where they spend all day on the green lawn. Some of them have pool to withstand the summer. Recently, puncture-proof dog pools have become very popular among dog owners.

Dogs undoubtedly have a life of luxury in Buenos Aires. This can be evidenced by the number of places that have appeared offering products for dogs of all kinds, from food, toys, to clothing. And, obviously, they have their own Dog Walkers Buenos Aires!

So if you are visiting the city, do not forget to take home a gift for your dog, he will thank you.

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