Milanesas in Buenos Aires, the typical food of our city.

Wherever you travel you are interested in discovering new cultures. The culture of the countries includes music, indigenous communities and food among other things. One of the most popular Argentine meals are Milanesas.

Basically a milanesa is meat dipped in egg and covered with breadcrumbs. Every grandmother, mother and restaurant has its secrets, because the egg can be flavored with many species such as parsley, garlic, red pepper, nutmeg, etc.

They can be fried or baked. The ones that are baked often become Milanesas Napolitanas, with tomato sauce and melted cheese. People usually eat the dish served with fries, mashed potatoes or salad, milanesas in buenos airesalthough many people prefer them as a sandwich.

In Buenos Aires you can find Milanesas in any restaurant. All Argentinian menus include milanesas, even vegetarian restaurants where are made of eggplant.

The most popular Milanesas are made of meat, chicken and fish, but also you may find made of soy, eggplant and beans.

A special place to enjoy this wonderful Argentine dish is El Club de la Milanesa (Milanesa Club), a restaurant dedicated exclusively to this meal. You can also find vegetarian options (the pumpkin ones are incredible delicious!) and you can choose different types of sauces to flavor the milanesa.

In this other note, we also tell you what to eat in Buenos Aires.

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