Argentina is the carnivore’s paradise. In Buenos Aires you will find Parrillas, steak houses, in every barrio of the city. In this post we are going to show you the most popular parrillas to enjoy a delicious steak!

Argentine meat is well known to be one of the best of the world  because of the way cows are raised with miles and miles of huge green plains full of grass. Contrary to feedlots, this makes the meat much better, fresh and with less fat.steak houses

Asado is an Argentine ritual. In every patio you will find a parrilla, also called where the steaks are cooked with carbon. Families and friends love to hang out and enjoy a tasty asado for lunch or dinner.

But eating asado is not just eating steak. We follow a strict protocol to enjoy every part of the cow, pig or chicken.

First of all, as a starter you can have achuras and provoleta, cooked provolone cheese. Achuras  can include chorizo; morcilla, blood sausage and offal, known as chinchulines.provoleta

After the starter other cuts of meat begin to parade. Bife de chorizo is the most popular, but also recommendable are Vacio, Tira de Asado, Cuadril, Entrana and Lomo, loin.

If you ask for a parrillada you will get achuras and the main cuts of meat.

El asador, the person in charge, also follows steps to do the asado. Nobody can criticise or complain because each asador has its owns strategies. And don’t try to help him with the fire because his tools are sacred, as the whole ritual.

Best Steak Houses Buenos Aires



San Telmo

Puerto Madero



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