In other post we talked about Dulce de leche as the main character of sweet food in Argentina. That’s why we are going to show you the most popular desserts to enjoy in Argentina.

Flan de Dulce de leche

AFlan Dulce de leche flan is a popular dessert worldwide, but mostly in latin America. It is said that was born with the romans a long time ago. It is a milk and egg based dessert and in Argentina we enjoy it with Dulce de leche and sometimes we add a little bit of milk cream. Flan con dulce de leche is a dessert that you are going to find in every restaurant of the country.

Dulce de leche Ice cream

WeDulce de leche Ice cream also talked in another post about how popular was Ice cream in Argentina, an invention that was brought by thousands of italian immigrants that arrived in the XXth century. Nowadays you can enjoy Ice cream in every part of the world, but in Argentina you will find the star flavour, Dulce de leche. The jewel in every parlor is Súper Dulce de leche or Dulce de leche tentación, Dulce de leche ice cream mixed with natural Dulce de leche.

Pancacke with Dulce de leche

Pancakes are also known worldwide. You can eat it as a salty food with cheese and vegetales, or also enjoy it sweet. In Argentina we filled it with Dulce de leche and is a really popular dessert in the country, loved by the locals.

Dulce de leche Cake

InDulce de leche cake Argentina is usual to bake cakes to enjoy with mate or in a birthday. Also could be a nice dessert. It is usually made with vainilla flavor, covered and filled with Dulce de leche.

Banana con dulce de leche

Fruit is also another option to choose when dessert comes to mind. It is a really healthy choice, but here in Argentina we like to add dulce de leche to everything and that’s why we enjoy eating Banana with Dulce de leche!

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