Vicente López Ecological Reserve, all the information so you can enjoy this beautiful protected green space.

Located in La Lucila neighborhood, Vicente López district, on the Río de la Plata coast, it has almost 3 hectares of surface.

Vicente López Ecological ReserveAmong the roles that this space plays, we can mention interpreting and educating about the environment, conserving biological resources, conducting scientific research, entertaining the population, and motivating citizen participation, since it is an urban nature reserve.

Here you will be able to observe a huge variety of native vegetables from the banks of La Plata, as well as different animal species.

It has a small museum and a visitor center, as well as several meters of trails that run through all its interior. You will find wooden walkways, bridges and viewpoints that will allow you to contemplate the views of the lagoon, the river and the city of Buenos Aires.

This space was created in 1983, by the hand and work of naturalist Ricardo Barbetti, who carried out the task of defending this ecosystem, getting it declared an “Ecological Preservation Area”.

Vicente López Ecological ReserveIn total, it has 387 species of plants, of which 247 are native and 140 exotic. Many of them were reintroduced by plantations, and many others were born from seeds in the Reserve’s nursery. Among them, you will observe the ombú, coronillo, white carob and the espinillo, in addition to growing in the swamp the River Rose, the yellow lily, the white sarandí, the ceibo, the lady of the night and the guakos. In spring, it is the time when the swamp turns its most colorful.

It has an artificial lagoon, with an approximate depth of 2 meters. In the hot season, the water is covered by floating aquatic vegetation, forming a beautiful green carpet.

Vicente López Ecological ReserveAmong the animals that abound in its fauna, you will find 11 species of different fish, 7 amphibians, 150 species of birds, 7 mammals and 11 different species of reptiles. Here the butterflies stand out, with 72 species of varied colors and sizes. In turn, you will see an endless number of insects that accompany them.

The reserve opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., including holidays. On Mondays or Monday holidays, its doors remain closed. Here we leave you their profile for more information.

To get to the Reserve, you can take the Miter Train, Retiro-Tigre branch or by bus with lines 168 or 59 from Palermo.

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In this note, we tell you about the Walk of Vicente López, so that you can continue enjoying your visit to the municipality.

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The Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, together with the Administration of National Parks and the Organization of Argentine Birds, launched an application so that you can visit the National Parks while it helps you to recognize some of the species. The app can be downloaded free of charge to your cell phone, both for Android and iOS through argentinanatural.org.ar or from PlayStore or AppStore, under the name “Argentina Natural”. In this way, you will be able to obtain maps, extra information, access trails, recommendations and data on services, in addition to obtaining more than 100 sheets of emblematic plants and animals of these green spaces.


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