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Buenos Aires is the Tango capital of the world. Tango was born here in the late 19th century as a new expression of the immigrants arriving to South America looking for a new life. The combination of diverse intruments, rythms and dancing moves created one of the most admired music styles of the world. This is why most tourists who come to Buenos Aires don’t wanna miss watching some tango!


Tango shows are artistic performances. This is the art form of tango played and danced by professionals. Just like Jazz, Tango evolved into many different things from songs to very complex music. Tango shows will present a “ballet” of tango, or the pure tradition of the costumes and moves represented by artists who dedicate their lives to it. Tango shows tend to come with dinner and take place in salons.

Some of the best places to enjoy Tango Shows are:

Café Tortoni: Av. de Mayo 825. Downtown. The emblematic Café from Buenos Aires offers Tango Shows every day. You can attend without dinner and it is one of the cheapest options in the city. It is necessary to make a reservation in advance. Click here for more info.

Teatro Piazzolla: Florida 165. Downtown. Also offers Tango Shows every night and you can choose with or without dinner. It is possible to book online. It also offers tango classes. Click here for more info.

Esquina Carlos Gardel: Carlos Gardel 3200. Almagro, near Palermo. It is a place located in Almagro, one of the most representative neighborhoods of Tango, including La Boca and San Telmo. It is possible to attend with or without dinner. Click here for more info.



Milongas are Tango Clubs where people go to Tango. People who attend are not professionals, everything is more flexible. Milongas have very differents styles, from some very traditional to others that will even mix tango with other musics. In Milongas some people will dance very good, others very bad and often casually dressed. Different to tango shows there is not always live music. Milonga is the social expression of the tango, for people that just like it. It is a place where people go dancing Tango to have fun and hang out with friends. Many Milongas will offer tango lessons.

There are two popular Milongas in the city, and both in Palermo:

La Catedral Club: Sarmiento 4006. Palermo. Tango Classes every day from 7:30 p.m. The milonga starts at 11:30 p.m. They sell food and drinks, and with the payment of the class it is possible to stay dancing all night. Click here for more info.


La Viruta Club: Armenia 1366. Palermo. Tango classes from Wednesday to Sunday and there is also Milonga from 23:45hs. They have traditional Argentine cuisine. Click for more info.


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