Mataderos Neighborhood Fair, the local and traditional side of the city.

Although Mataderos is not a recommended neighborhood to visit as a tourist, on Sundays it dresses up for one of the largest fairs in the city.

Located half an hour from downtown Buenos Aires, it offers the ideal space for the most popular fair there is, with 30 years of life, full of Argentine Popular Crafts and Traditions.

Mataderos Neighborhood Fair

It has more than 700 positions, of immense variety. You can find pieces of fine silverware, mates, blankets, knifes, ponchos and all kinds of leather goods.

In addition, gastronomy options abound, from empanadas, through locro, tamales, asado, fried cakes and pastries. Everything you find in this fair will be something typical of Argentine culture, from its objects to its food. But, this is not all, you can also enjoy live music, with typical styles of Argentine folklore, such as chacareras and zambas, with dancers, as well as the renowned Tango.

Mataderos Neighborhood FairThe Legislature has declared it a Cultural Heritage of the City, and, not for nothing, in its program there is a lot of art offer: traditional dances, folklore concerts, added to a variety of gaucho skills, ring races and festivals with guitar playing.

If you want to experience a traditional Argentine moment, you cannot miss the Mataderos Neighborhood Fair on Sundays from 11am to 6pm. The fair is outdoors, so it is suspended if it rains! Given the circumstances of COVID-19, the use of the face mask is mandatory.

Here we leave you another note with everything you can do in Buenos Aires outdoors!


Map of Location

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