Kirchner Cultural Center, a review of one of the most important Centers of the city.

Buenos Aires is a great city that offers many activities. In the city it is possible to enjoy nature spaces, visit free museums and walk through beautiful streets.

Every genre converge in the city of Buenos Aires. It is possible to find shows of every style every day of the week. In older posts we talked about Tango, Argentine Folk Music and Jazz Jams.

In this post we are going to discover the most important Cultural Center that can be found in the city nowadays. It was inaugurated just a few years ago and it is located in the center of the city. All the activities that are offer in this cultural center are free.

Kirchner Cultural Center

Kirchner Cultural Center is named as one of the last presidents of the Nation and it is located a few blocks from the Pink House, the Government house.

It is the largest Cultural Center in Latin America and one of the largest of the world.

A brief history of the building

Kirchner Cultural CenterInaugurated in May 2015 in the building where the Post Office used to operate until 2005. It was designed in Neo Classic Beaux-Arts by the french architect Norbert Maillart and the construction began in 1899. The Post Office was inaugurated in 1928 and in 1997 the building was declared National Heritage due to the architectural style, its historical relevance and the art works.

The Kirchner Cultural Center, a.k.a. CCK, it is a 9 floor building that has a large concert hall, 5 auditoriums, 18 rooms destinated to poetry and stage art, 40 rooms for the exhibition of art works and history galleries, 16 rehearsal rooms and 2 terraces.

Activities in CCK

All activities in CCK are FREE. Some shows require online bookings and you can do it in this website.

At the CCK you can enjoy music, visual arts, classes, audiovisual productions and guided tours.

Great art personalities have passed through the CCK such as: Barry Harris, Ravi Coltrane, Egberto Gismonti, Moreno Veloso, Natalia Lafourcade and Martha Argerich.

His schedule used to be from Wednesday to Sunday and Holidays from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Given the global situation of COVID-19, it is currently closed, with some activities on weekends, with strict protocol.

Here we leave you their website to be always well informed.


Map of Location

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