Uncategorised National Museum of Decorative Arts


The National Musum of Decorative Arts is one of the most beautiful places in Buenos Aires. Located in the former mansion of the aristocratic family Errazuriz it stands out for its awesome architecture.  Just a short walk from the main attractions in Recoleta will take you here, making it a perfect stop if you are walking to the Palermo Parks.


As it name says the Museum keeps intact the rooms of the former owners who built a showcase of different decorative styles, from medieval to baroque to art noveau. Every room will take you to a different period in art history.  The museums hosts a collection of remarkable paintings with authors like El Greco and Manet.






Besides all this, there is a gorgeous cafe right between the gate an the entrance of the Mansion. You can have a coffe with the best views of the façade while enjoying the posh atmosphere of the old days.




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