Tips in Buenos Aires, the annoyance that comes with the question of whether or not to tip in certain circumstances, as well as knowing how much the minimum tip is expected.

Although the topic of the tip varies in relation to the country of origin, here we are going to detail how it is handled in Argentina. But, we also want to tell you that if you go to Japan, tips are considered an offense, understood as a sign of wealth and mercy towards those who serve you. This is not the case that we will talk about here…

First of all, we want to clarify that it is not mandatory to leave tips, but they are not considered as an offense or a negative gesture, on the contrary, it is a collaboration to improve the wages of these workers.

Therefore, if you leave satisfied with the service you received, tipping is a gesture of your gratitude for that level received, which, without a doubt, will be highly appreciated.

In this note, we are going to tell you when you can get a chance to leave a tip. Needless to say, it is your choice whether to do it or not.


Tips in Buenos AiresA common tip is suggested for both cases, the standard of which is 10% of the total consumption. With this tip, you will be expressing your enjoyment of the service and the food received. If the service was not efficient, then it is not necessary to tip; but if you want to leave more than 10% since the service was higher than expected, you can also do it! Basically, the tip would be a congratulation to the waiter / waitress who has assisted you in the best possible way, so it is also valid that you decide how much to leave, always thinking that the minimum is 10% of your consumption.

It is worth clarifying that the invoices of the Restaurants and Coffee Shops sometimes have the item “Table service” or “Covered”, but do not think that this title is equivalent to the tip, it is simply an extra charge for receiving the table service, having bread, cutlery and salt.



Tips in Buenos AiresIn this case, it is not so much customary to receive the service at the table. Some time ago, bars began to have a more American format of looking for things at the drink bar. Likewise, it is still a code to leave the tip before leaving the table, but also, you will see some large jars with the title of “Propi” or “Tips” so that you can leave your contribution to the workers of the bar. Again, it is not mandatory, but it is like a caress and a demonstration of satisfaction with the service received.



Tips in Buenos AiresAlthough taxi drivers do not expect or depend on the tip to increase their salary, it usually happens that the final rate of your trip is rounded up by 5 or 10 pesos, depending on each case. What you should keep in mind when getting into a taxi is to have change, since taxi drivers are not very fond of changing large bills because they take great care of their change to keep it throughout the day.

What we can recommend is that, if the driver helps you with your luggage, you give him a small tip in gratitude for his extra service.



In the case of conventional and pre-booked tours, it is customary to receive a 10-15% tip if the service was good.

On the other hand, our free tours are based on the premise of a free tip, where the tourist is the one who decides how much to leave. That is, if you enjoyed the tour, the information provided by the guide and you feel satisfied with the service received, it is you who decides how much to leave a tip.



luggageWe recommend leaving always to someone who helps you with your luggage some tips in Buenos Aires. It does not have to be an excessive amount of money, since the minimum collaboration will be greatly appreciated. At the same time, you make sure that your suitcase is well cared for!



A.K.A. Trapito, they are people who are on the street to help you find a place to park the car and assist you in the maneuver. In turn, they are like the “owners” of the street where you parked, so they take care that nothing happens to your car.

This information is important in case you want to rent a car and park it on the street, instead of a private parking lot that is much more expensive.

We always advise paying a sum of money to these people, the cost of which can vary up to approximately 100 Argentine pesos.



Given the constant fluctuation of the Argentine peso, it is difficult to be able to account for the value of the tip. But, keep in mind that it is 10% or more, that it is not mandatory and it is merely your propidecision if do it or not, based on the quality of service you have received.

You should know that the tip cannot be included in the card payment, it is only in cash, since it is considered as “black money” and extra to the account that you must pay.

In Argentina, all cards are accepted in most places, but not all in all. Visa is one of the most used in our country, along with MasterCard.

Likewise, we recommend that you always carry cash, since you never know when you may need it, and, above all, so that you can leave a Tips in Buenos Aires.

Here we leave you a note with everything you need for when you come to Buenos Aires!

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