There are great benefits in renting a car if your plan is to visit other parts of the vast Argentinean territory. If you are travelling with your family or a big group of friends, renting a car may be the cheapest and most comfortable way of discovering the breath-taking landscapes of our country. It will certainly give you more freedom and flexibility to plan your trip the way you want.

If you are just staying in the City of Buenos Aires we don’t recommend renting a car because streets are busy and the public transportation is cheap and works very good. Check here to learn how to move around in Buenos Aires.

Requirements to rent a car in Argentina

1. Age

➡️ 18 to 21: Some companies will rent you a car for an additional cost.

➡️ + 21: You can rent a carat no an additional cost, but you cannot rent any vehicle you want. You have to choose among those available for your age.

➡️ + 25: You can rent any kind of vehicle that the companies offer.

2. Documentation

➡️ Passport or I.D.

➡️ A Driving License issued by your country of origin that has been valid for at least 2 years. As a tourist, this will be enough for three months since your arrival to the country. If you are a resident, then you can get an Argentinean License (Click here for more info here). If the license is in an alphabet that is not Latin (e.g. Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic..) then you need to show an International Driving License together with it.

➡️ A valid international credit card with enough funds to pay for the rental, as a guarantee in case of car damage.

Recommended Companies to Rent a Car in Buenos Aires

rent a car in buenos airesYou will find these three companies all over the Argentinean territory, with offices in the main airports of the country.


✅ For an extra money, it offers car delivery to your location.

✅ Pay credit card, debit card or cash.

✅ Book via whatsapp!

✅ Take the car abroad for an extra money.



Online Booking: user-friendly web page to make reservations.

✅ Pay credit card or debit card.

✅ Take the car abroad for an extra money.



✅ You can only pay with your credit card.

✅ You can only take the car abroad to Chile and you must let them know in advance.


Tips to remember!

  • We drive on the right side of the street.
  • Headlight must always be on and seatbelts must de fasten.
  • Most cars for rent are manual (stick shift), automatic cars are usually more expensive.
  • Make sure the company gives you a valid title document (“Cédula Verde”), the transit police might ask you for it. Have all your paperwork handy.
  • Argentinean drivers are too passionate, not to say aggressive and we usually ignore rules.
  • Pay extra attention, especially when driving in the city of Buenos Aires.

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