Luggage storage in Buenos Aires, a guide so you don’t take your heavy suitcase with you on your trips.

A luggage storage is a new way to visit a city without having to carry your suitcase on each trip, but you can leave it under care in different parts of the city.

Luggage storage in Buenos AiresNow, what does a luggage storage mean? This is basically a very useful service for those travelers who need to store their luggage for a few hours or a few days.

With this storage system, you will not have to worry or carry your luggage, but rather it will remain in the custody of a deposit, that is, a space reserved for said service. This custody is ideal when you have extra time before a flight or if you don’t want to carry your suitcase during the day; especially if your flight leaves at night but you must leave the hotel at noon; with this system, you will not be carrying your suitcase all those hours apart and you will be able to enjoy walking freely and without extra weight!

Luggage storage in Buenos Aires


To solve this feeling of heaviness, there are several platforms where you can access a service that stores your luggage in different areas of the city such as hotels, restaurants and shops. One of them is Stasher, recognized worldwide, it is the first luggage storage network that offers a storage and care service, insuring your belongings. It has countless locations in 200 cities, so you can find the closest one instantly.

Luggage storage in Buenos AiresYou just have to enter the platform, choose your place of comfort through the proximity map, set a delivery and collection date, and prepare to enjoy freeing yourself from the weight of your suitcases. As a plus, the points are strategically located in the city, so you will be close to the best places in Buenos Aires. Here we leave you the link again so you can find the most comfortable place to leave your luggage!

Easy, fast, comfortable and extremely cheap, this trend is becoming highly popular among all travelers around the world. Get rid of your luggage, to be able to tour this beautiful city.

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