Aeroparque is 45 km away from Ezeiza. If you need to get there to catch another flight, you can choose one of these four sensible options.


The company that runs the shuttles is Tienda León. The trip from Ezeiza to Aeroparque costs around 9 USD and it takes 1h and 10 minutes. The shuttle has place for 45 passengers and it leaves every 40 minutes approximately. This is the cheapest and most comfortable option.

In case you need a ticket, contact this travel agency.


The following companies are some of the many that offer private car transportation from Ezeiza. You will find their stands at the exit of the airport and you can arrange a car on the spot.You can also contact them beforehand. The trip should be around 50 minutes.

On Baires Transfer 

Transfer Express 

Manuel Tienda León also runs private transportation.

how to get from ezeiza to aeroparqueTake a TAXI

The official city taxis are black and yellow. They will change a fix fare of 15 to 20 USD, depending on the taxi company. You should arrive at the Aeroparque in 50 minutes. First of all, you will have to select your destination in the Taxis Machines and give the ticket to the driver. The ticket will give you the price that you will have to pay for the trip.

If you want to hire a private transport, contact us by whatsapp so that we can recommend a trusted company.


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Open your app and get your ride. The price should be around 20 USD (Check update rates).

Now, if you don’t want to go for a sensible option but the really stingy one (Hey! Every penny counts!), you can take bus line number 8 Servicio Semirápido (Fast Service). For that, you will need to ask a local to pay for your trip with his SUBE card and you give him cash in exchange (0,5 USD approx.). You have to get off at Plaza de Mayo and from there take a taxi to Aeroparque. The whole trip might take 2 hours.

We highly recommend not doing this to yourself. Just take a taxi, relax and make sure you have allowed enough time between flights when booking.

Above all, in the situation of COVID-19 that we currently live, where flights request several hours before boarding, and a lot of protocol to take into account!

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