The city of Mar del Plata is a very popular destination for spending a few days near the beach. Being a large city, it’s possible to find many advantages and diverse activities besides enjoying the sea. This makes it not only a destination in the hottest months but also viable to visit in all seasons of the year.

Next, we will review the best activities to do in Mar del Plata, as well as how to get there using different modes of transportation.

que hacer en mar del plataGo to the Beach

Of course, the main attraction of the city is the sea. Whether it’s summer or winter, it’s always lovely to enjoy the aroma and waves of the sea. Outside the high season, January and February, the beaches tend to be quiet, with fewer people. That’s why it’s possible to visit the beaches in the center or surrounding areas.

If you’re seeking more tranquility, you can move a bit farther to find more space and fewer crowds. Being a large city, Mar del Plata has several public buses that allow you to move around at a low cost.

Some of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches, albeit more distant, are: Playa Grande, Punta Mogotes in the south, and towards the north, Playas del Norte. These beaches have the particularity of having fewer crowds and being very spacious. You’ll find them on the map at the end.

Mar del Plata Boardwalk

que hacer en mar del plataIn the downtown beaches, you’ll find the famous boardwalk of Mar del Plata. Here, some buildings stand out, such as the casino, and the monument of the Sea Lions. This area is the tourist center and an almost obligatory stop for every visitor to the city.

Sea Lions Reserve

Near the port of Mar del Plata, there is a Sea Lions reserve. From there, it’s possible to see these impressive animals that take advantage of the surplus from fishing vessels. It’s also a classic city tour.

what to do in mar del plataMar del Plata Port

The fishermen’s dock is a very popular attraction in the city. Here, you can take classic photographs of the yellow and red fishing vessels. These are boats that depart very early in the morning in search of fish such as mackerel, hake, shark, and sea bass, among others.

Cultural Activities

Being an important city, you’ll find a wide range of cultural activities as there are many theaters and cinemas. Whether for the whole family or for adults, it’s possible to find different cultural proposals.

Enjoy the Gastronomy

It doesn’t take much imagination to understand that in the city, you’ll find many places to eat fresh fish. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most popular meals in the city. With a wide variety available, you’ll find different restaurants with prices for every budget.

Sweets are also a classic. In this city, the country’s most famous alfajores, Havanna, were born, but you can also find others like Balcarce, Guolis, Milagros del cielo, and Minotauro, among others. Another classic of the city is Churros Manolo.

As you can see, Mar del Plata offers a wide variety of activities to do. It’s a great city with a lot to offer and many corners to discover.

How to Get to Mar del Plata

To reach the “happy city,” it’s possible to arrive using different means of transportation. The most comfortable way, if you have a car, is to drive because the route is all highway and it’ll also be useful for getting around Mar del Plata. There are also a large number of buses that come from different parts of Buenos Aires. It’s also possible to take a train from Constitución.

The train is usually the most economical mode of transportation. It takes about 6 hours. The bus takes around 5 hours. By car, you might arrive a few minutes earlier, but it’s always recommended to make stops, either to eat or rest briefly.

Map of Attractions

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