Pinamar is one of the most popular destinations on the Atlantic Coast. It combines a wide range of gastronomic and commercial offerings with the characteristic nature of the Argentinean coasts, featuring dunes and groves of trees. The conifers that abound on its streets, along with the sea, give this popular resort on the Argentinean coast its name.


Pinamar is located 342 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires. It’s a pleasant journey through fields that can be comfortably done in about 4 hours. There are multiple rest stops and service stations along the way. To get there, you take Highway 2, then Route 63, and finally Route 11.

Pinamar Beaches

pinamarThe beaches of Pinamar, like most of the Atlantic Coast, are known for being very spacious. Around the center and residential areas, there are many public access points as well as beach resorts and clubs where you can also eat or hire services.

On the outskirts of the city, you can find quieter beaches with more natural presence and less hustle and bustle. It’s also a good option to visit nearby resorts such as Ostende, Valeria del Mar, and Carilo.


Apart from the beach, Pinamar offers multiple options for activities. It has cinemas, theaters, sports facilities, green spaces, and museums. It’s also possible to take different excursions on bicycles and ATVs.

Average Climate

Pinamar experiences warm and humid summers. There’s usually wind along the coast. Winters are cold, with the wind tending to pick up more. Temperatures rarely drop below 1°C. To fully enjoy the beach, the best time to visit is generally from October onwards.

Map of Pinamar

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