Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, it is a Festival that offers a variety of concerts with paid admission, but also has many activities and concerts with free admission. There are concerts of national and international artists too!

In turn, there are several clinics and workshops that are offered at different times depending on the duration of the festival, which can be a week or a couple of days.

You can also take dance classes, proposals to enjoy outdoors and a lot of information about this popular musical style.

For some of the proposals and clinics, it is usually necessary to book online.

The main venues for free concerts are usually La Usina del Arte and the Amphitheater of Parque Centenario. There may also be activities in different Cultural Spaces.

Given the situation of COVID-19, it is not yet resolved whether the festival will take place or not, since it is usually organized for the month of November. Given the worldwide known situation, we do not know if in November 2021 we will finally be able to enjoy this beautiful event.

Likewise, we leave you here the page that organizes it to keep us informed and with all the updated agenda!


We leave you a video of one of the groups of artists that were part of the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, so that you can enjoy this beautiful musical style in the meantime:


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