As Buenos Aires is the host of the G20 Summit many parts of the city will be restricted Friday 30th and Saturday 1st. The affected areas will be Costanera Norte, Puerto Madero, Teatro Colón and surroundings, and a small part of Palermo. The idea of this post is to show you things to do in the city or nearby during these two days.

la boca tourVisit La Boca

La Boca is one of the most popular barrios of Buenos Aires among tourist. You will have the chance to Walk the famous street Caminito, Visit a Conventillo, Admire the Fileteado & the Street Art and visit Boca Juniors Stadium. If you like to do a tour you can join our Walking Tour in La Boca!


Enjoy Palermo Soho

The neighborhood of Palermo is immense. Although MALBA area will be restricted, there are multiple places in Palermo to enjoy different activities:

Nature: Palermo parks are the largest in the city. You can also visit the Rose Garden and the Botanical Garden.

Culture: entering Palermo Soho you will find many gastronomy options for different moments of the day: breakfasts or snacks, craft beer, restaurants and bars. Also, on Friday you can join the Graffiti Tour.

Breath Vicente López

The first neighborhood in the northern area when leaving the city is Vicente López. There is a special area to enjoy the river and have a postcard of Buenos Aires from another perspective. Go back to the beginning of the 19th century when the porteños used to enjoy the riverside. You can walk along the coast and enjoy the freshness of the river. Get more information here!


Walking through Belgrano

Belgrano is not a very popular neighborhood among tourists since it is a more residential area. In any case, it is very nice to walk through its streets to admire different constructions and explore the history of the neighborhood. In this post you can find a walk to enjoy Belgrano.





Restricted Areas

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