Buenos Aires is such a cultural city that it is possible to find activities every day, or at low cost. This week there are three musical presentations to enjoy:

  1. Wednesday, March 20th at 20hs. Symphonic Band of the City in the Gran Rivadavia Theater: free admission. The Symphonic Band of the City continues with the 2019 cycle of concerts. The program will include great classics of the genre. For more information, enter here.
  2. Thursday, March 21st, 8pm. Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires at the Teatro Colón: tickets from $ 200. In his third presentation of the year, the philharmonic will be directed by Alexander Anissimov (director of the National Symphony Orchestra of Belarus) and will include the performance of the pianist Filippo Gamba. The program includes musical works by Ludwig van Beethoven and the popular Scheherazade. Tickets are on sale at the Teatro Colón box office.
  3. Friday, March 22nd, 9pm. Tango at the Usina del Arte: free admission. To end the week the city offers a tango show with two outstanding groups, Siniestra and Juan Pablo Gallardo’s Orchestra. Tickets are booked online from here.

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