During the summer you can enjoy Buenos Aires Playa, a coastal space to enjoy the freshness of the river and the activities that are organized daily.

Days and Hours

All activities in Buenos Aires Playa are free. It is open from Tuesday to Sundays, and Holidays from 10 am to 8 pm.

Last day of operation: February 28th

How to get Buenos Aires Playa

Buenos Aires Playa is located in the neighborhood of Nuñez, at the north part of the city. To arrive you can take:

  • Train from Retiro Station: Mitre Line to Tigre getting off at Rivadavia Station. From there you can walk a few blocks.
  • Buses from different parts of the cities. The following lines arrive close to Buenos Aires Playa: 130, 15 and 29. You will get off at Av. Libertador down the General Paz Bridge and walk to reach the place.


A little history

Buenos Aires is a coastal city, founded on the banks of the Río de la Plata. In the XIX century citizens used to enjoy the riverbank to bathe and cool off. Years passed and Buenos Aires began to turn its back on the river. Pollution increased and people stopped swimming in the river.

Fortunately, some years ago the state started to work again to give the protagonism to the river and so the citizens can enjoy again the great Rio de la Plata.

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