How to get to La Plata

How to get to La Plata, all the details so you can enjoy a town further away from the hustle and bustle of the center.

Located 60 km from Downtown, you will recognize this town by its nameless streets and the abundant smell of lime. It is one of the few cities that was designed before being built.

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Getaways in Buenos Aires

Getaways in Buenos Aires, a list of the most beautiful places far from the bustle of the big city, to enjoy a day (or a weekend) in contact with nature.

In the spring/summer season, we are much more tempted by an outdoor plan than by locking ourselves in a small space. Although there are many options to do in the center of Buenos Aires, which we will tell you about here, there are also many others to put together a plan for a weekend or a day out on the outskirts of the city.

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Murals of Diego Maradona

Murals of Diego Maradona, a tour of the most impressive murals that Buenos Aires has, in honor of the idol of Argentine soccer.

Absolutely inspiring, Diego Armando Maradona became a multiplied figure in street art, transforming the country into an open-air Maradonian gallery.

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Obelisk of Buenos Aires

Obelisk of Buenos Aires, all the details about the icon that represents this city in the eyes of the world.

It is the major emblem of Buenos Aires and its population, like the Statue of Liberty in New York or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It stands on the same site where the National Flag was hoisted for the first time.

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Florida Street Buenos Aires

Florida Street Buenos Aires, all the history and curiosities about the busiest pedestrian street in the city!

Recognized as the most important commercial street in the country, it is the first street that was made pedestrian in Buenos Aires.

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Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires

Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, all the history about the main temple of the Argentine Catholic Church.

It is located in front of the May Square, at the intersection of Rivadavia Avenue and San Martín, in the neighborhood of San Nicolás, Downtown of the city. The history of its construction is extensive, but we are going to tell you the most outstanding details, since the current building that you will see is its sixth construction!

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Cabildo of Buenos Aires

Cabildo of Buenos Aires, the whole story about one of the most emblematic buildings in the country’s history.

Headquarters of the Colonial Administration, it is the heart of the May Revolution of 1810. Erected since 1580, it has stood in the same place ever since. Over the years, it has undergone modifications, which have mutilated some of its sections.

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Alvear Avenue Buenos Aires

Alvear Avenue Buenos Aires, all the details and history about one of the most aristocratic and elegant streets in the city.

Drawn in 1885, at the initiative of Mayor Torcuato de Alvear, it originally bore the name “Beautiful View”, but was baptized some time later with the name of Torcuato de Alvear’s father: Carlos María de Alvear.

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Kavanagh Building Buenos Aires

Kavanagh Building Buenos Aires, the story behind the imposing tower located in Retiro.

It is a work of modern architecture, which classifies it as one of the iconic buildings in the city, with a synthesis of art deco and rationalist styles. It is simply an apartment tower, but not for that reason, it ceases to be an emblematic work for the architecture of Buenos Aires.

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