Mysteries of the Recoleta Cemetery

Mysteries of the Recoleta Cemetery, a compilation of the most horrifying legends and stories of this famous Buenos Aires cemetery.

Unlike other establishments of this nature, the Recoleta Cemetery is not dark or hostile as you might imagine. On the contrary, you are going to find yourself on a pleasant, curious and even interesting tour, as if you were visiting an open-air art museum.

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What to do in San Vicente

What to do in San Vicente, all the information for you to enjoy a getaway from the bustle of downtown Buenos Aires.

52 km from the center of Buenos Aires, is located this area that used to be large rooms, divided to become the current beautiful place.

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What to do in San Antonio

What to do in San Antonio, all the details about one of the towns in Buenos Aires that receives the greatest amount of tourism.

Known as the “Cradle of Tradition”, it has endless options to disconnect from routine, rest and discover many places.

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What to do in Capilla

What to do in Capilla, all the information about one of the ideal destinations to disconnect from downtown Buenos Aires.

Capilla del Señor is located northeast of the metropolis of Buenos Aires and is surrounded by Pilar, Campana, Zárate, San Antonio de Areco, Luján and San Andrés de Giles.

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What to do in Campana

What to do in Campana, all the information for you to enjoy one of the most picturesque towns in Buenos Aires.

Located 75 km from the city center, it is located on the banks of the Paraná Guazú River. Linked to the Argentine coast, it has beautiful landscapes and green spaces for you to enjoy a different getaway, with several options to enjoy a weekend!

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What to do in Lujan

What to do in Lujan, all the information about the most interesting attractions in this town in Buenos Aires.

Of great historical and patrimonial wealth, it was one of the closest colonial settlements to the city and one of the first.

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Afro Culture Buenos Aires

Afro Culture Buenos Aires, all the information about a culture that remained forgotten for a long time, under the wake of the European.

The Afro legacy and history were overshadowed by the constant desire to maintain a more European than African identity. The process to establish that our country is also Afro is not an easy task.

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Luggage storage in Buenos Aires

Luggage storage in Buenos Aires, a guide so you don’t take your heavy suitcase with you on your trips.

A luggage storage is a new way to visit a city without having to carry your suitcase on each trip, but you can leave it under care in different parts of the city.

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La Plata Gastronomic Market

La Plata Gastronomic Market, a new space to enjoy the Buenos Aires capital even more.

Under the name of Baxar Mercado La Plata, it opened its doors in 2021, to offer the first gastronomic market in the area.

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Carlos Gardel House Museum

Carlos Gardel House Museum, a tribute space to one of the most important Tango singers in Argentina.

This house was the one that Carlos Gardel lived with his mother and where the most important treasures of his life are kept.

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