In the last decade, the authenticity of visited destinations has been more valued than ever before. This is why Free Walking Tours, also known as Free Tours, have become increasingly popular in almost every city around the world. These tours offer authenticity and the discovery of destinations through a passionate local guide. Below, we invite you to learn how Free Tours work and why they are one of the top choices for travelers worldwide.

What is free walking tours?

A Free Walking Tour is a guided walking tour through various places in a city. It’s a special tourist attraction because it doesn’t have a fixed fee; instead, the tourist decides the price at the end of the tour based on their experience and satisfaction level. This format allows for a fair and accessible exchange for different types of travelers.

How Free Walking Tours Work

In most iconic cities, you’ll find at least one organization offering free tours. Sometimes, bookings might not be necessary, but lately, especially after the pandemic, the need for reservations has arisen. These reservations are usually free and cancellations are without cost, and they can be made through a website.

what is free walking tourWhen the tour is about to begin, travelers gather at a meeting point specified by the organization. There, a guide with an identifying color will be waiting. The tour starts from the meeting point and goes to the final destination. Depending on the city and the type of tour, it could cover a few blocks or different regions and attractions.

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These are authentic experiences because they are led by local guides who are often very passionate and provide a unique view of the city with cultural, historical, and current details.

In addition to the free tours, these organizations often offer other guided tours that have a fixed price accessible to all types of travelers. It follows the same format, but with a predetermined price.

Benefits of Free Walking Tours

  1. Economical and Accessible: The price of the free tour is decided by the tourist. This allows different types of travelers to participate and eliminates a minimum entry barrier. It’s a way to democratize tourism and allow everyone to experience such a cultural activity.
  2. Great Introduction: Free tours generally cover the main historical and cultural attractions of the cities. This makes it an excellent option to fully immerse oneself in the history of the destination during the initial days of the visit.
  3. Cultural Immersion: The authenticity of the destination can be felt by walking its streets, talking to locals, and experiencing the characteristic aromas and sounds of the environment. This is a plus compared to tourist buses that don’t achieve such closeness to the destination.
  4. Flexibility: Reservations are generally free and can be made minutes before the start of the tour. They can also be canceled without cost in most cases.

Free Walking Tours emerged as a profound way to explore cities. They offer authentic and enriching experiences, allowing tourists to delve into the history, culture, and secrets of a destination, thanks to a local guide who is eager to convey all the energy of the place.

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