A big percentage of the tourists that arrive to Buenos Aires, and come to our free tours, ask us about Tango. We showed you before in this post a few places where you can go to see locals dancing tango and also learn a few steps. Now we are going to share with you the Tango neighborhood.

Almagro district is an important area of Buenos Aires and around Abasto shopping you will discover a lot of tango experiences.

There is a street called Carlos Gardel, declared as a site of cultural interest by the government of Buenos Aires.  Here you will find the Carlos Gardel Monument and also a museum dedicated to one of the most famous singers of Tango.

In Bustamante 764 there is a cultural club where a Tango Orchestra plays every week.  You can find more information here.

Finally we recommend a bar where you can find live music and have dinner close to Abasto. It is called El Boliche de Roberto (Bulnes 331) and is a popular place for the locals to enjoy culture.

Let’s Tango!

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