Buenos Aires was founded as a city port back in 1580 by Juan de Garay. The port of the city was an important icon in the economy of the country, but a lot of local ecologists agree that Buenos Aires was built giving the back to the river.

Fortunately, the last years, the shore of the river was recovered and a couple of natural reserves and parks were created to enjoy the river and the nature around. In the beginning of the XX people from Buenos Aires used to go to Costanera Sur, an area of Puerto Madero, to swim in the river.

A bath was built and you could find a lot of restaurants and breweries around that place. Nowadays, it is not possible to swim in the river because of the pollution, but the government built a path to enjoy this area. The trail is called the Glory Path because here you will find sculptures of the most popular athletes of Argentina, for example Ginóbili, Vilas and Aymar.

You can connect this river walk with the Natural Free Tour or the Cartoon tour that we recommended in other articles. Let’s enjoy the best free things to do in Buenos Aires!


Check the map to arrive to Costanera Sur!

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