In the previous article we talked about the Best Catholic Churches that can be found in the City of Buenos Aires, since more than 90% of Argentina’s population is Catholic, it is possible to see many basilicas and imposing churches built since colonial times.

Buenos Aires is a big city, convergence of varied cultures and religions. Thanks to the great immigration that happened in the nineteenth and twentieth century is possible to identify hundreds of communities living in the city. That is why in this article we will show you some temples of other religions that can be found in the city.

Sinagoga de la Congregación Israelita Argentina

This synagogue, belonging to the Jewish community, was the first one to be built in the city in front of Plaza Lavalle. It was declared a National Historic Landmark and is one of our stops in our free morning tour. It has a Romantic and Byzantine style. Next to it, we will find the Jewish Museum where you can learn about the immigration of this community and how they became an important in our country, integrating 7% of the population. (map)

mezquita-palermoMezquitas Rey Fahd

This Islamic temple is the largest in Latin America, inaugurated in 2000, and is located in the neighborhood of Palermo and occupies over 3 hectares. These lands were donated by the Argentine president in 1995 to Saudi Arabia. In this building also operates a cultural center that aims to disseminate the Islamic culture. Free guided visits are organized every week. (map)

Iglesia Metodista

It was the first Methodist church built in Buenos Aires in 1843. In this church they did the first Methodist sermon preached in Castilian throughout the continent. The building was the result of the arrival of new communities in Argentina throughout its history. (map)

Iglesia Anglicana San Salvador

iglesia-anglicana-buenos-airesThis Anglican Church emerged in the city in the nineteenth century due to the arrival of British families in the country. They begin to build temples to continue their cultural traditions. Celebrations are held in English with organ music that is enjoyed by the faithful and tourists. The first and third Friday of each month the city government organizes visits to this temple.

Templo Budista Fo Guang Shan

Located in the neighborhood of Belgrano. This Buddhist temple was founded by Fo Guang Shan order whose missions are to disseminate culture, education, religious practice and social service. This temple offers cultural immersion courses and workshops. (map)


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