Palermo Brewery Tour, the best places to drink good beer!

Since it was created, beer has been expanded to different countries and has become an important part of cultures around the world.

In every country on the planet, you will be able to find popular and craft beers.

Argentina is not the exception, that is why we are going to show you a couple of places to enjoy a good beer in Buenos Aires, more precisely in the Palermo neighborhood.

If you have done a little research on Buenos Aires, you can clearly say that Palermo is where the most developed nightlife is. It is the largest neighborhood in the city and, before, it used to be only residential, but, thanks to a policy of decentralizing the offer, many companies and locals have moved to other regions of the city. This was the rebirth of Palermo as a popular district, the cradle of bars.

Some of the breweries you can attend are:

Chelo’s American BBQ

palermo brewery tour Costa Rica 5527

Tel: 11-3368-2705

If you are looking for a typical AMERICAN BBQ JOINT of smoked meats, this is the place for you!

They have a reservation system.


palermo brewery tourJosé A. Cabrera 4427

Tel: 11-2452-3221

They have Delivery, Take Away and table service. They are not handled with reservations at the moment.


palermo brewery tourJosé A. Cabrera 5225

Tel: 11-6680-1516

You will fall in love with its immense patio! They have a reservation system that you can access on their website here.


palermo brewery tour Gorriti 4389

Mail: info@nolabuenosaires.com

If you like Cajún food, this is THE place for you! We leave your website here to tempt you more!

Desarmadero Bar

palermo brewery tour Gorriti 4295

Tel: 11-6737-6903

They have Delivery and Take Away. We leave your website here.

Plus, you’re going to love how he’s made you feel in a real junkyard! The ticket contains a level of mind-blowing art …


Usually there is Happy Hour until 9pm with great discounts on pints and glasses of beer, so start early because it’s cheaper! (Be careful, in some places it ends at 8:00 p.m., check earlier just in case!)

Obviously, in these places it is also possible to have a diner, so they are a good option for a complete outing in Buenos Aires.

Here we leave you the locations loaded on the map, and by the way, you can discover many more!

Map of Attractions

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