Starting from the year 2023, tourists and non-residents of Argentina can access a more beneficial exchange rate than the official rate for the US dollar. This is a legal transaction through credit and debit card purchases.

In this way, tourists will be able to access a legal exchange rate that is 20% better than the rates offered by banks, and it is also safer than engaging in illegal exchanges.

How the benefit works

The benefit is automatically activated when tourists use their internationally issued American Express, Mastercard or Visa credit, debit, or prepaid cards. Every time a tourist makes a payment in Argentina with their card, the exchange rate is 20% better than the official rate. Initially, the official rate is used, but after a few hours, a reimbursement is activated, resulting in a better exchange rate.

This regulation is implemented through credit card operators. For more information, please contact your card operator.

Why this benefit

Many tourists used to exchange currency illegally on the streets of the city. This practice is not only informal but also carries risks as it is not a legal maneuver.

Thanks to this benefit, tourists can access a more favorable exchange rate simply by using their cards.

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