There are moments in life when people start to recall things about the past, activities with the families, toys, furniture, etc. A tiny old thing could make us remember enormous and emotive times. This is why we are going to invite you to visit Mercado de Pulgas (Flea Market).

This market started in the XVIII when people used to collect odds and ends that aristocratic threw into the street. Everything that was collected was sold in a market.  Hygiene was not a must and that is why it was usual that an object would arrive to the buyer house with fleas. Here comes the name of the Flea Market.

The Flea Market was remodeled, enlarged, and nowadays is a nice place to enjoy. The building has restrooms and also an art gallery. On weekends most of the shops are open.

It is not necessary to buy anything to enjoy the beauty of this place. It is a nice walk to do in Palermo district. Also, close to the market, you will find a lot of restaurants and bars.

Flea Market:
Avenida Álvarez Thomas and Avenida Dorrego
Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6 pm.
Free admission.

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