Visiting different countries people discover new cultures, regional cuisine, traditions and music. This is the reason we are going to talk about the folk music that you will find in Buenos Aires.

Most tourists who come to our free tours know about Tango.  This style was originated in the late XIX century in the Rio de la Plata, in Argentina and Uruguay, in lower-class districts. Tango became really popular and it was played and danced in every café and bar of Buenos Aires. Nowadays is a touristy attraction, but there are some Milongas in Buenos Aires where you can see locals dancing tango and also you have the opportunity to learn a few steps.

In this post we are going to show you two places where you can go to practice Tango and also see locals dancing. La Viruta and La Catedral Club are two special places for this experience. In their websites you will find all the information you need about the milongas and tango classes.

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