The influences of music in cultures are really strong. Through melodies and rhythms people express their feelings. In other articles we talked about Tango and Argentinian Folk Music, but now we are going to focus in the art of percussion.

In every country of South America you will notice different styles. Rumba and Salsa are popular in the Caribbean, in Brazil we will find samba and in Uruguay, Candombe. In Argentina percussion is more used as an accompaniment, but there is not a clear percussive style.
Under the motivation of an Argentinian percussionist (Santiago Vazquez) Buenos Aires started to express emotions through a particular way to make music, percussion by signs. This style consist in improvising with the direction of a main percussionist. The director tells the musicians what to play through more than seventy signs.

This concerts are played by a group of percussionist called La Bomba del Tiempo (time bomb). Attending to this concert you will feel the passion of the population of Buenos Aires. Concerts are every Monday night in Almagro District, in a theatre called Konex. You can find tickets in this website.


  1. uffca.ca

    La Bomba de Tiempo is a 17-piece improvisational drum group that plays to a crowd of 1,500 every week at Buenos Aires’ Konex cultural center.

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