Mendoza is one of the most important cities of Argentina and is also one of the most popular destinations among tourists. Within the city you can enjoy multiple and diverse activities: enjoy the vine yards, take a city tour and explore The Andes Mountain Range.

Mendoza City is 1,100 km from Buenos Aires. As it is an important city in Argentina, there are many daily flights and buses frequencies. The trip by bus takes 14 hours, while by plane only 2 hours. The climate of the region is cold and dry as it is located next to the mountain range. However, in summer, temperatures can exceed 30°C. July is the coldest month with temperatures under 15°C. Precipitation is not frequent.


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What to do in Mendoza?

City Tour in Mendoza

Mendoza is the second biggest city of Argentina and there is a lot to discover: historic buildings, cultural events and parks. A good option to start your visit in Mendoza is to do a Free Walking Tour around the city.

San Martin Park

At the western part of the city it is located the immense San Martin Park, a big green space with more than 300 hectares designed by Carlos Thays, the famous landscape architect, in the 19th century. Within the park you can perform different activities: sports, tourism, cultural activities.

Cerro La Gloria

Cerro La Glora is located behind San Martin Park. It is one of the highlights spots of the city. From the top of the Mountain you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the mountain range and the city.


Visit Wineries

Mendoza is the main producer of wines in Argentina. At the foot of the mountain range and a few kilometers from the city there are hundreds of vineyards and wineries. Almost every wineries offer a guided tour with wine tasting included.

Cacheuta Thermal Complex

After many days of activities it is advisable to make a stop along the way. A good place to do it is Cacheuta, a thermal complex to relax the body and enjoy the mountain view. Located a few kilometers from the city.

Crossing the Andes

If you take Route 7 in a westerly direction you will enjoy a beautiful journey through the Andes mountain range. It is at least a 1 day-journey. A few minutes from the city you will find the lovely town of Potrerillos. Next to the town you can admire the beautiful Potrerillos Reservoir. After Potrerillos the route will skirt the nice Mendoza River surrounded by mountains. The next town after Potrerillos is Uspallata, a good place to buy supplies, have lunch or even spend the night.


After Uspallata there are 3 stops you must do:

  • Puente del Inca: it is a geomorphological form that was declared as a Natural Monument. It was formed by the water erosion of the river Las Cuevas.
  • Aconcagua Provincial Park: it is an area of 70,000 hectares composed of snow-capped mountains that exceed 5,000 masl, including Mont Aconcagua with 6,960 masl, the highest of America and the world, after the Himalayan mountain system. It is possible to park the car and take a short trail to Los Horcones Lagoon to admire the valley and Mount Aconcagua.
  • Christ, the Redeemer of the Andes: at the end of the argentinian route, on the border with Chile, there is a monument of Jesus Christ. It was emplaced at 3,800 masl in 1904 to commemorate a peaceful agreement between argentines and chileans.


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