Along with Iguazu Falls and Calafate, Salta is another important destination within Argentina. Not only the city of Salta is lovely, but the whole region emanates ancient culture and wonderful landscapes extremely different to Patagonia and Buenos Aires. 

Buenos Aires to Salta

As happens with the most popular destinations within the country, there are a wide range of dailt flights departing from Buenos Aires to Salta. It is a 2 hour-flight.

buenos aires to saltaThe city of Salta was founded by the spanish in the sixteenth century, close to the foundation of Buenos Aires, because it meant a trascendental nexus between Alto Perú and Buenos Aires in the colonial times. Salta presents an eclectic architecture, such as Buenos Aires, combining different styles. You will be able to find from colonial style to gothic, neogothic or modern buildings.

The climate of Salta is Subtropical Serrano with dry season. The precipitations are concentrated in summer and the average temperatures are 20°C in summer and 14°C in winter.

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What to do in Salta

Salta has many activities to offer. The first step to learn about Salta’s history and culture is to take a free walking tour visiting the main spots of the city. Salta Free Tour offers free tours every day in english and spanish.

Where to eat in Salta

buenos aires to saltaUndoubtedly, the star of Salta cuisine is the empanada. Empanadas are offer at any restaurant as a starter or main dish. The best restaurants to try empanadas are:

  • Doña Salta: located a few meters from San Francisco Church. The waiters are dressed as gauchos and the empanadas are exquisite. Other dishes to consider in this restaurant are locro and stews.
  • La Casona del Molino: is the traditional peña of the city and offers one of the best empanadas salteñas. It is a little far from the center, but it is an opportunity to fully penetrate in Salta’s culture.
    Unlike Buenos Aires, folk music is really popular in the other cities of Argentina, and Salta is one of the best scenaries to appreciate it.


buenos aires to saltaLocated 186 km from Salta, Cafayate is the most important city within Valles Calchaquíes. This area is famous for its vineyards and wineries where the Torrontés stands out as the better grape. Not only is well know for the wine but also because of the Quebrada de las Conchas where surprising geoforms are presented along the route.

Los Cardones National Park

Another popular place around Salta is Los Cardones National Park, located 120 km from the city. Within the national park you will be able to appreciate the predominant vegetation of the Pre-Puna, Cardones, a giant cacti. There are also important paleontological remains, such as dinosaurs tracks and cave paintings. 


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    Hey! I did ur free-walking tours and also the graffitti-tour in palermo and loved it! Now inam going to salta and was womdering if u could recommand a place to stay there. Thanks a lot in advance! All the best, Teresa

    1. User Free Walks Post author

      Hello Teresa! Thank you very much for your words! We run tours in Salta also. I will recommend you to contact the guides in Salta to give you more information. Contact Salta! We wait for you in our Free Tour in Salta too! Regards!

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