Many tourists that arrive to Argentina are surprised by the length of the country and the different climates and geography reliefs that can be found. In Argentina we will find big cultural cities, glaciers, mountain ranges, jungles, forest, sea and farms.

In a recently post we talked about what to do in Calafate, one of the most important destination in Argentina. Another bucket list destination in the country are the Iguazu Falls. As impressive as the Perito Moreno Glacier, they stand within the northeast jungle of Argentina.

Iguazu Falls

buenos aires to iguazu fallsThe Iguazu Falls are a group of waterfalls that are located in the Iguazú River, within the northeast extreme of Argentina, on the border with Brazil. La garganta del diablo, devil’s throat,  is the greater fall and has a height of 80 meters, and the width of the entire waterfalls are almost 3 kilometers.

This nature’s gift was named Natural Wonder of the World and World Heritage Site. The term Iguazu comes from the guaraní word, language of the natives from the region, yguazú, meaning big water.

The falls are immersed in the Selva Paranaense, the most diverse area of Argentina. It is an ideal destination for birdwatching fans since they were detected 450 species. Among the fauna there are caí monkeys, coati, toucans, lizards, yaguareté, yagaré and water turtles.

Iguazú National Park

buenos aires to iguazu fallsCreated in 1934, it was the second National Park of Argentina, after the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Carlos Thays, an important naturist architect who had worked in many green spaces of Buenos Aires, was in charge of projecting the national park.

It is necessary to pay a fee to enter the park. Once inside it is possible to enjoy different activities. There are lot of trails to enjoy the falls and the jungles. It also offers sailing near a waterfall. Within the national park it is also possible to find restaurants, fast food and kiosks.

The National Park Iguazu can be visited all year round. Precipitation is concentrated in the summer season, December to march.

How to get Iguazu Falls

There are several flights departing from the airport of the city of Buenos Aires. It is a 2 hour-flight and the airport is located 8 km from Puerto Iguazú, the town where most of the tourist go to spend the nights in Iguazú.

From the station a bus depart to the park every 30 minutes from 6:30 am to 7 pm. There are also remises and taxi services available.

If you need tickets from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls, contact this travel agency.

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