can you see uruguay from buenos aires


Unfortunately, there is no easy-access place from where to have a view of Uruguay’s skyline. Maybe, from an apartment on skyscraper in Puerto Madero it is possible to see it, but that wouldn’t be open to the public.

The fact is that despite being a coastal city, Buenos Aires gives its back to the river. There are many reasons why this is so. First of all, locals are very earth-minded people since agriculture and cattle raising have historically been our main source of income. To put it short, we think in term of cows, not fish.

Free Tour Buenos Aires

Free Tour Buenos Aires

It is also true that thanks to the river we can sell our goods to the world, but if you pay attention to the city’s planning and design, you come to realize that the coast is not very much connected with the rest of the city. In fact, Buenos Aires has expanded through land reclamation. This is a process by which new land is created on riverbeds. The River Plate has been regarded as something to be filled with debris. It feels distant and not usually part of our daily lives.

However, here I leave 2 recommended coastal promenades, for you to enjoy the pleasure of the River Plate’s company. You will not be able to see the Uruguayan coast, you will surely enjoy your stroll.

Ecologic Reserve

Don’t miss on this one! It is a beautiful park where you can have a picnic surrounded by nature. If you are lucky you will get to see turtles and lizards. To get more information about the Ecologic Reserve check this post!

Memory Park

This park has been designed as a memorial for victims of state terrorism in the last dictatorship. Check this post to get more information!

If you like coastal landscapes, we do recommend you visit Colonia de Sacramento, in Uruguay. On a clear sunny day, you can see the skyscrapers and the city lights of Buenos Aires from the lighthouse or the Rambla. Check this post about What to do in Colonia and how to get there! 

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