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Wine is the Nacional beverage of Argentina. The country is the biggest wine producer of latin americas and is located amongst the biggest producers in the world. The quality of the argentine wine is recognized in every continent and that’s why Argentina exports wine to every country of the globe.

The provinces that are principal producers of wine are Mendoza and San Juan. This is one of the highlights of visiting this cities, the winery route. Nevertheless, wine production was expanded to others places within Argentina, as Salta, Neuquén and even Buenos Aires.

The most famous grape in Argentina is Malbec, originally a French seed that means bad taste because of the big amount of tannins, an astringent. Thanks to the dry but full of organic materials land close to the Andes, Malbec turned to be a fine, kind and exquisite taste wine, recognized in the entire world.

If you don’t have the chance to visit a vineyard in the Andes, you can still do wine tasting in Buenos Aires, as there are wineries within the city.

Wineries in Buenos Aires

Joaquín alberdi

San Telmo




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