Wine tasting in Buenos Aires

Wine is the Nacional beverage of Argentina. The country is the biggest wine producer of latin americas and is located amongst the biggest producers in the world. The quality of the argentine wine is recognized in every continent and that’s why Argentina exports wine to every country of the globe.

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Teatro Colón

The Teatro Colón is the main opera house in Buenos Aires, worldwide known as one of the best concert venues in the world. It’s definitely the crown jewel of the city and the finest theater of The Americas. In fact, National Geographic, the Acoustical Society of America and many prestigious musicians agree: The Teatro Colón ranks among the few with the best acoustics in the whole world.

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What to eat in Buenos Aires


Everyone has a different way of discovering the world. Some people will travel to see breath-taking landscapes and natural wonders; others will do it to see human-made marvels like art and architecture. But there are some others who will tell you that the thing that matters the most is…food!

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5 things you probably didn’t know about Buenos Aires

1) The most visited place in town is a graveyard

recoleta cemetery tour

Believe it or not, statistics show that the most visited attraction is the Recoleta Cemetery. This place is so unique you can be sure you’ll never see anything like it anywhere else. Located in the middle of one of the top neighbourhoods of BA, this little village consists of over 5000 mausoleums becoming a cluster of architectural masterpieces and beautiful artwork. The most important characters in the history of Argentina are buried here, among them the famous Eva Perón. Check out our Recoleta Cemetery Tour.

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