Full Day in La Boca & Puerto Madero

Full day in La Boca & Puerto Madero

Special days:

- Monday: the ecological reserve is closed, except holidays.

Important consideration: there are no ATMs in La Boca and it is not recommended to get out of the touristic area of Caminito and Boca Stadium. In order to arrive to La Boca you can take a bus (152) or a taxi. It is recommended to visit La Boca by the day, from the morning until the afternoon.

1) Visit La Boca: the main atractions of this barrio is the Port, Caminito Street and Boca Juniors stadium. We visit deeply all this atractions in our Walking Tour in La Boca. In this post you will find more information about What to do in La Boca.

2) Lunch in La Boca: through Caminito there are lot of places with diverse offers to have lunch.

3) Visit the Ecological Reserve: the only protected area of the city of Buenos Aires it is located on the banks of the river Río de la Plata, close to downtown. From La Boca you can take a bus (number 20) and walk 5 blocks. With free admission you can enjoy a lovely walk along the banks of the river. There are self-guided trails to discover the flora and fauna of the reserve. Check this post for more information!

4) Walk through Puerto Madero: Puerto Madero is the most modern neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It is located on the banks of the Río de la Plata and it is pleasant to walk through its streets. You can visit the Women Bridge, the dams and the boats. The Fortabat Art Collection Museum is also located in this barrio. To learn more about what to do in Puerto Madero, you can read this post.

5) Dinner in Puerto Madero or Downtown: In Puerto Madero there are plenty of bars and restaurants, but most of the establishments are above the average cost. An alternative is to walk a few blocks until Downtown or San Telmo, and after dinner you will be able to have a better access to public transport as there are no buses or subways in Puerto Madero.

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Full Day in Recoleta

Full Day in Recoleta

Special Days:

Mondays: Museums are closed.
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: Artisan Market in Plaza Alvear.

1) Walking tour Through Recoleta: we invite you to start your day joining our Free Walking Tour in Recoleta. Sincerely we don't recommend it just because we own it, but because it is a great introduction to the history and culture of the city, and it is a great start up considering the hour and location. You are invited to check our visitors reviews.

2) Having Lunch in Recoleta: the tour ends 2pm at Plaza Alvear, the cemetery park. If it is saturday, sunday or holiday you will be able to roam around the Artisan Market. Around the cemetery there are a lot of bars and restaurants to have lunch. Also, one block from the cemetery you will find the Recoleta Mall where you can exchange money, use the restrooms and have lunch too.

3) Visit the Recoleta Cemetery: Free admission. The Recoleta Cemetery is the main atraction of Argentina. Enjoy a walk around the impressive vaults and discover this outdoor museum. If you like to learn about the history of Evita´s Corpse and other grimly stories, you can join our Recoleta Cemetery Tour at 3pm for only AR$150.

4) National Fine Arts Museum: It is the most important museum of Buenos Aires and it is located one block from the Cemetery. It has the most important collection of South America. Free admission. Closed on Mondays. In this post you will find detailed information.

5) A walk trough Recoleta Parks: from the museum the Recoleta Parks begins. You will enjoy a lovely walk discovering parks, vegetation and architecture. Behind the museum you will find the impressive building of the Law University and Floralis Genérica. Also, you will have the oportunity to visit other museums. In this post you can find a museum route.

You can finish your day wherever you want. You will find lots of public transportation in Las Heras and Santa Fe Avenues.

Here you will find the route of the full day of Recoleta that we recommend!

Markets in Buenos Aires

best things to do in buenos airesSan Telmo Market

The San Telmo Market is the most famous Market in Buenos Aires. This Market shows the traditions and antique objects that are part of the old culture of Buenos Aires. Artists expose their handicrafts and collection of unique and sometimes fantastic or bizarre objects! San Telmo, one of the oldest quarters of BA turns from a quite neighborhood to a live expression of culture and tradition outdoors!

More info check this article!


  • Where: Plaza Dorrego and along Defensa Street, San Telmo, Buenos Aires.
  • When: Every Sunday



Recoleta Market

recoleta marketThe Recoleta Market takes place in Plaza Alvear, the heart of the neighborhood of Recoleta every Saturday, Sunday and holiday. It is a simple market with different stands where artist sell their unique artisanal pieces. Despite it is less popular than the San Telmo market the tradition of the a Market in this plaza comes from the Colonial Period and it’s considered part of the essence of Recoleta. It is good to combine a visit to the market with a visit to the Recoleta Cemetery or the Recoleta neighborhood.

  • Where: Plaza Alvear in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
  • When: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.


Mataderos Market

The Market of the neighborhood of Mataderos is dedicated to the Gaucho Tradition. The Gauchos are the “argentine cowboys” who work in the countryside and have their special traditions and costumes. This Market shows the best of the leather crafts, foods and gaucho skills shows that can be found in the city of Buenos Aires.

The Market is very different to the other to on the list but it is much more difficult to get here. Mataderos is out and very far from the tourist places and hotels in Buenos Aires. If you are looking for a great off the beaten path experience here it is recommended.

  • Where: Av Lisandro de la Torre and Avenida de los Corrales, Mataderos. Buenos Aires.
  • When: Sundays between 11am and 8pm. The Market doesn’t take place during the months of January and February.

Best Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Best things to do in Buenos Aires

Learn about the best things to do in Buenos Aires. In this post you will find the 10 essential activities that you must do in the capital of Argentina.

best things to do in buenos aires1. VISIT PLAZA DE MAYO

Plaza de Mayo is the heart of Argentina. This historic square is the stage where the argentina people have expressed their happiest and saddest historic events. As the main square of a country full of passion and struggles, no one can say he has been to Buenos Aires if he didn’t visit the Plaza de Mayo. If you want to know better this place join our Free tours in the city center.

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Graffiti in Palermo

Graffiti in Palermo

Man has always had the need to express himself artistically and visually; going back 12,000 years paintings inside caves depicted animals (mammoths, deer-like creature in Europe, Guanacos in  Argentina) that hunter-gatherers stalked for food. Along with these images theses Cro-Magnon men and women would also take pigments of various colors and put them in their mouth, place their hand against the wall and spit the pigment over the top leaving the silhouette (negative image) of the human hand painted on the wall, this could be described as the world’s earliest stencil

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