Caminito Buenos Aires

Caminito is the most famous pedestrian street in Buenos Aires. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city due to its colorful houses and its deep historical and cultural significance.

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Important things to know for your trip to Buenos Aires


In Argentina, cash is king. Given the several financial problems in the last decades, Argentinians make most of their daily transactions in cash. Many places don’t take credit cards and unfortunately there are very high commissions for taking cash out of the ATM. This is quite annoying for travellers visiting our country who are usually used to pay everything with credit card or just take cash out of the ATM.  Many places take credit cards, such as hotels or big stores obviously, but you have to know that many restaurants, small shops or services such as taxis, vendors, etc. won’t have a system for credit card payments.

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How to behave like a local in Buenos Aires


Argentines are very open people and like chatting a lot. It is normal to engage in conversation when buying something, taking a cab or any situation. It is common for people that you just met to tell you things about their family, friends or are willing to hear about your feelings, thoughts or whatever you want to share with them. While in some countries this can be rude, in Argentina it is very normal. Just take it easy and know it is not mandatory to share back!

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What is a Free Tour

The Walking Tour offered in Buenos Aires was originated in Europe precisely in Berlin, Germany. It started when a tourist tired of high prices in tours, decided to provide quality tours for everyone, letting them decide the price. The modality proposes a tour under the concept of paying what one is willing to do, that is to say, tip-based.

free tourThe tip that the tourist leaves is influenced by several factors, not only varies according to the quality of the tour received, which implies a good guide, but also fits to everyone’s pocket. In this Tours participate people from high class to backpackers, who seek to enjoy the city spending the minimum necessary.

This type of tours, quickly expanded throughout the world to land in Buenos Aires in 2013.


Buenos Aires Free Walking Toursfree tour

The Walking Tours in Buenos Aires are provided by the company Buenos Aires Free Walks, the most popular in Latin America. We invite you to enjoy it, regardless of your budget. The company provides 2 tours per day, every day of the year except for Christmas and New Year, even if it rains! Check the walking tours!


Global Free Walking Tours Networkfree tour

Global Free Tours is a website that is developing a Free Tours network in all cities of the world. It includes the best Tours of each city, developed by local entrepreneurs and not multinationals.




Religions of Buenos Aires

In the previous article we talked about the Best Catholic Churches that can be found in the City of Buenos Aires, since more than 90% of Argentina’s population is Catholic, it is possible to see many basilicas and imposing churches built since colonial times.

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Best Churches of Buenos Aires

As is well known the Americas has been explored by several European countries, including Spain and Portugal. They conquered indigenous lands and inculcated or imposed, depends on the perspective, their culture and religion. Therefore it is possible to find that the dominant religion in the continent is Christianity. Most of the people of the different countries are Catholic.

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Cafes in Buenos Aires

With just one day in Buenos Aires you are going to notice a big amount of cafes within the city. Is undeniable to say that the locals love to stop at any time of the day for coffee, whether to read the newspaper, start the morning or have a chat with some friend, relative or acquaintance.

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Dog Walkers in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires many things can surprise, enormous mansions, luxury cemeteries, huge parks with lakes and dogs everywhere. Argentines love dogs and that is demonstrated in every street in the city of Buenos Aires.

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What to do in Buenos Aires?

There are plenty of things to do in Buenos Aires.  As it is the second largest city in South America after Sao Paulo, Brazil, it is possible to find many activities within the city of every kind.

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China Town – Barrio Chino

Thanks to the massive immigration experienced by Argentina, in Buenos Aires is possible to appreciate different cultures. Taking our free city tours you will notice the architectural contrast of Buenos Aires. We find mainly French style, but also Spanish, Greek, Italian, Victorian, romantic, Byzantine, etc.

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